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"Love is all around" like the Wet Wet Wet sang, but there is also "Tainted Love" by Gloria Jones. There are many faces of love, but the one and only face we remember most, is the unfulfilled love.

Broken hearts, crying our eyes out and being in relationships without a future - everyone has the same memories about love. And all these memories were the inspiration for "Tainted", the collection of sad love stories.

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60-Page Full-Color Hardcover Graphic Novel (8,26" x 5,82") "Tainted" collects few short comics about men and women, and their emotions. Everything without a single word, only with emotions. The colors, the characters may look sweet on the first sight, but behind that, there is a sad truth about love.

The truth about loneliness, breaking up, separation and incapability of being together. These short stories are the metaphor of love, the pure extract of the most famous, but also most painful emotion. Unfortunately love is sometimes tainted. And that is the main theme of this little comic book.

About authors:
Piotr Nowacki

Piotr Nowacki

Born in 1979 in Działdowo, now lives in Warsaw. He published his works in almost every comic magazine in Poland. He is also the head editor of Karton - the most popular polish comic magazine. He's the author of several comic books: two parts of "Kwaziu", "Mutująca Teczka" and of course "Tainted". But what's most important (for Piotr of course), he is a happy husband and a happy father.

Bartosz Sztybor

Bartosz Sztybor

Journalist, film and comic critic, but first and foremost writer of both comic books and movie scripts. His articles were published in Ozon, Wprost, Cinema, Machina and Chichot, and his short comics appeared in the press (WiK, Cinema, Co jest grane, HIRO Free, Aktivist, Przekrój), zines (Jeju, B5, Maszin, Karton, Hardkorporacja, Kolektyw), and numerous anthologies. Won multiple awards at International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź and at several other festivals (including Italy and Serbia). He is the writer of two graphic novels: "Szanowny" and "Tainted".